Monday, January 10, 2011

Lemons v Lemonade

Well, I am officially back in Dallas, after a couple of days delay, first due to hanging out with friends in Austin, and then due to a few inches of snow in Dallas on Sunday. Now, I went to college in Kentucky and a few inches of snow is hardly a reason not to drive- except in Texas. It's not the weather, it's all of the native Texas drivers who think they CAN'T drive in snow. They make some dumb decisions and they make them very suddenly. And they also drive very, very slowly.

Needless to say, I spent an extra day in Austin, no harm, no foul. I wasn't planning on riding Dante until Tuesday anyways. Of course, I am also now sick. Hooray! I thought the worst was yesterday, but unfortunately, I am spiking a fever tonight. Oh well, I'm going out tomorrow to brave the 36 degree weather regardless because the vet is going to clear Dante for lateral work at 2 tomorrow. So I might as well throw in a nice jump lesson at noon anyways, so I (hopefully) don't have a rusty eye when FL comes.

I did get a nice homecoming with several packages I had ordered that arrived over the holidays. A new Back on Track mesh sheet for Dante and a new CO J3 for me, with a new helmet cover! My parents always know exactly what to get me for Christmas, horse stuff! My current J3 is several years old, and with all of the safety consciousness out there, I decided it was time to replace the old one.

I haven't written any goals down, but I've been sick, allergy ridden (allergic to San Antonio), and busy doing family and friend activities. This week, the goals begin.

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