Sunday, March 20, 2011

Gear It Up

(The track, one of Dante's favorite places.)

Dante has been very good this past week, although I am still feeling rusty in dressage. We went to gallop at the track, which I love because Dante loves. My dressage video from Rocking Horse 3 was posted last night, so I'll probably do a post on that tomorrow. I'm also going to try and blog each day at Poplar, since I have internet connection at my hotel.

As I begin (or continue!) packing for Poplar, I realize that I must share my OCD with the world. Why? Because my OCD in terms of organization at shows makes my life ridiculously easier, and it can make your life better too!

Just kidding.

Seriously though, I am known around Gold Chip as the OCD organization person. There is nothing I love better than buying new containers that fit within other containers so that I can further organize my things.

To begin with, I have a show trunk, which is 100% different than my normal tack trunk. I love those big black Stanley toolboxes to use as tack trunks. Lots of storage, a tray for small objects, and wheels and a handle. Also only $60. What could be better?

I got into the habit of using a show trunk when I was a working student in Maryland and we did lots of one day shows. When you work 7 am to 7 pm in the six days leading up to the show, there isn't a whole lot of time to throw show things together. Having a separate trunk that was pretty much packed and ready to go at all times made my life 100% better.

So inside my show trunk I have a smaller container with all of my show horse boots, another container that holds a small grooming kit, and third that contains travels sizes of show sheen, fly spray, shampoo, etc. After each show, the grooming kit is run through the dishwasher, the bottles are refilled, and the boots go to the laundromat (since my washer has an agitator). Another container has the poultice, rubber glove, and 4 paper lunch bags which get replenished before each show, boot polishing supplies, and two more even smaller containers, one of which holds bucket hooks, straps, and clips, and the other holds tack soap, conditioner, and sponges. On top of that lives a small wash bucket, scraper, and sponge, my two helmets, and my stud kit.


Then I have two large rubbermaid containers. The short one holds my blankets for Dante (dress sheet, irish knit, and back on track) and miscellaneous items (like jacket, rain jacket, baseball cap, and sneakers for Poplar). The tall one holds my saddle pads and standing bandages, pre-organized in the order that I will need them, with my tall boots on top.

(A portion of my show gear.)

I also bring a folding step stool, my coat bag, a bridle bag, and my Game Ready. And of course my two saddles.

What I pack in my suitcase is a whole different ballgame. I used to not be so worried about the clothes I packed when I used to drive to all the far away shows. Now that I'm forced to fly, I try and micromanage my clothes so that they fit in one carry on.


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  1. I really like the idea of a show trunk! I will check the Stanley trunks out. My husband handmade me a gorgeous wooden trunk but it is sooo heavy that it would be unrealistic to lug it to shows.