Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Ocala II Dressage Video

As promised, here's the dressage video for Ocala. I can definitely see my position contorting, especially on the haunches-in. My hands are still in my lap too. Unsurprising, considering I wasn't riding between shows! But Dante is home now, so I can improve myself as well. The angle on the haunches-in was better than at Rocking I, I could barely see any haunches-in on the first video. My extensions at the trot were a little more even, but I could barely tell on either video that I was doing medium canter! Obviously we had those two points where Dante swapped behind, I think it was because he was a bit tired, we warmed up just a few minutes too long. And of course the halt, my fault! and then the wrong lead. Apparently that was both of our faults, as Mike felt that he is a bit more reluctant to pick up the right canter lead from the walk on a straightaway. As a result, I need to make sure I really establish a right bend before asking, which I'm pretty sure I did at Rocking 3. We'll see when the video comes for that!

277-Maggie Deatrick-Divine Comedy-DR from CatchRide LLC on Vimeo.

On the plus side, Dante is home and I got to ride him today! I just did 2 x 15 trot sets, using my saddle, a borrowed girth, and old breastplate, one of Mike's bridles, and Jessica's spurs over my Duberry's. The reason for all the hodgepodge tack was because when I got to the barn, the tack room was completely empty except for saddles! Apparently Mike is now bringing all the equipment back from Florida now, and should be back in the morning. He really goes above and beyond to make sure we are prepared, both at home and at shows.

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  1. What a great idea posting the test and comments to compare side by side! I definitely will be doing that this year! Good luck in the CIC**.