Friday, April 8, 2011

Poplar Dressage Recap

So here's the dressage video from Poplar.

14-Maggie Deatrick-Divine Comedy-CIC2-DR-25Mar11 from CatchRide LLC on Vimeo.

And here's the judge recaps, the first is from C and the second is from M.

The scores were pretty similar between the two judges. Dante was very tense, which isn't super obvious in the video, but meant I couldn't get him to bend very well to the left, and lateral work was almost nonexistent. The canter work especially I felt as if I was sitting on a firecracker, and in fact on the last medium canter, Dante grabbed the bit and ran. In the video, on the last long side towards the camera, he pricks his ears at about B, and that's when he grabbed the bit. I had to haul on his mouth to get him back. Not our best test, for sure. Our canter-walk-canter's were nonexistent, which is disappointing because they have gotten so much better at home. I slipped back into old habits of contorting my body and shoving my legs forward while my hands drop into my lap. Awesome.

I am working hard to get into shape so I can adequately perform dressage again, needless to say.

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