Sunday, August 28, 2011

Baby, It's Hot Out There!

It's soooo hot.

So hot.

But, there's hope! The end is in sight. Maybe.



Look, a forecast with rain! And temperatures under 100!

Seriously, this Texas heat has been absolutely brutal this summer. I grew up in San Antonio, and while I can remember the heat lasting and lasting, I can't remember getting 100+ temperatures lasting into September.

I hate heat. With a passion. Give me 30 and snowing over 100 any day. I can handle a few 100 days a summer. This is bordering on ridiculous. Seriously, Dante and I went to the track to gallop this morning, and at 6:30 am, it was 93. 93! What is wrong with the universe!?!

I've taken up the habit of retreating into the air conditioning from the hours of noon until 8 pm. My productivity is low, but on the plus side, I've seen about 14 movies in the past week. (On the down side, I've seen most of them already.) I've cleaned a bunch of tack in my house, and on one memorable occasion spent way too much money in the Dover tack store. In my defense, it was all on things that I needed.

Well, most of it.

Ok, I swear I'm done complaining.

In other news, I've made like the Burghley-ites (referring to Will, Sinead, et al) and began running last week. If my horse is expected to be an athlete, then I should be one too. I do go to the gym to run on the suspended track because a) I hate running on a machine that can drop you on your ass as soon as you turn your head to look at something shiny (aka the treadmill) and b) it's air conditioned which enables me to run for much longer without gasping like a fish.

(Dante looks pretty happy being turned out in 100+ heat. I guess whatever floats your boat.)

In Dante news, he is adapting to the heat surprisingly well. Or rather, it shouldn't be so surprising since he lives in it, but still, I am astonished at how quickly his fitness is returning. He's only been back in work three weeks, but he's back to full work in both dressage and jumping and is definitely outpacing my current stamina. I only planned on doing a 3 x 5 gallop this morning but ended up doing 2 x 5 and 1 x 6 gallops because he felt so good. We're well on track for the AECs.

T-minus 9 days!

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  1. You must be further north in Texas than I am, but I feel your pain! It was 110 here today and is supposed to be 110 again tomorrow. Gah. I'm holding out hope against hope that those days they're forecasting rain will really, TRULY come to fruition - we sure do need it!